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A Prayer to Saint Michael

Invoking the protection of Saint Michael the Archangel

For many years the Prayer to Saint Michael was recited after Mass by the priest and the congregation. Decades after this tradition fell out of practice, Pope Francis has encouraged that at the end of the Rosary we invoke the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel “to protect the church from the devil, that always aims to divide us from God and among ourselves” (September 29, 2018) reminding the Church Saint Michael fights against the devil … for us who are on our life journey towards heaven” (September 29, 2017).

To inspire your daily efforts to grow in holiness the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is pleased to offer the Prayer to Saint Michael prayer card. This prayer card displays a beautiful image of the Archangel along with the Prayer to Saint Michael printed on the back of the card.

On the feast of the Archangels, September 29, the Shrine priests will celebrate a Mass here at Mary’s Shrine for the safety and protection of healthcare workers and first responders. Is there someone in your family or community for whom you would like us to pray? Please include their names in the prayer intentions field below so that they may be remembered during this special Mass.

As you look upon this striking image on your prayer card, we encourage you to call upon the protection of Saint Michael for all first responders and healthcare workers, and all who may be in harm’s way, so that he might petition Our Lord’s intercession on your behalf.

The suggested donation for one set of five Prayer to Saint Michael prayer cards is $10.00, which includes shipping and handling. Please allow 7-10 business days for processing and fulfillment.

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