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With a donation of $1,000, you can become the newest member of the 1909 Society, which was founded in honor of the lasting vision and remarkable generosity expressed by Abbé Aboulin, a humble priest who made the National Shrine’s founding gift over 100 years ago.

Born in St. Alban-en-Montagne, France, Jean Joseph Marie Aboulin was ordained to the priesthood at age twenty-seven and moved to the United States shortly thereafter. Although he was small of stature, to the poor parishioners for whom he cared, Father Aboulin was a giant of a man in whom God’s great love shone constantly! Father Aboulin said that he owed the Blessed Mother thanks for obtaining the “greatest graces” he had received in his life and felt that creating a National Shrine to Mary was a necessity! In 1909, Father Aboulin made a personal contribution of $1,000 toward its construction — because he believed deeply in the promise of America, and in the future of this magnificent Basilica.

In honor of Abbé Aboulin and his generous founding gift, we instituted the 1909 Society: an extraordinary circle of our most dedicated benefactors. Membership in the 1909 Society is reserved for our most devoted and loyal friends whose commitment to this National Shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary is a reflection of Abbé Aboulin’s vision, love, and tremendous faith.

We invite you to take your place alongside the legacy of Father Aboulin and your fellow top Shrine supporters, by joining our 1909 Society today!

As a member of the 1909 Society, you receive the well-deserved recognition of being a unique friend of Mary’s Shrine in whom the founding spirit of Abbé Aboulin still shines.

1909 Society Benefits

  • Limited-edition 1909 Society membership pin
  • Special recognition in upcoming Mary’s Shrine newsletter
  • A personal contact at the National Shrine for questions or prayer requests
  • As a 1909 Society supporter you have the satisfaction of knowing that your impact extends through many decades, touching countless souls along the way

Become a member of the 1909 Society today!

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